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Following the exit of the Toyota Formula One team, just weeks ago, Sauber F1 finally received the news that they had been waiting for weeks --- That the Swiss team Thursday have been confirmed that they have been chosen as the 13th, and final entry in the 2010 Formula One world championship.

Peter Sauber, BMW Sauber F1 Team, Team Advisor.
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This was a great rejoice for the team, based in Hinwil, just southeast of Switzerland's biggest city Zurich, whom recently were merged with the German giant in Munich, BMW for the last five seasons.

But the Munich based unit decided after so many disappointments this past season, following finishing third in the constructors' title one year ago, that it was too much to bear, and withdrew from the 2010 season, leaving only Sauber to fend for themselves.

But now that the team no longer was a unit, the squad itself no longer was in line for an entry to the championship. And with 24 cars already in place, it would have to take a miracle from someone to withdraw in order to be granted access back into the world championship since it did not sign the recent Concorde agreement that would tie it until the year 2012 to remain in the competition.

In addition, the Sauber unit was taken over by a new company, Qadbak, which would help the Swiss team return as a possible "14th team" in Formula One. However, the success of the team was down to two factors: The idea that Qadbak was run by a team of possible illegal investors, and finally, the withdraw of the Toyota team that could see the Cologne, Germany based team facing a possible fine of 150 million US dollars, because it was scheduled to remain in F1, due to it's signature of the Concorde papers to 2012.

But just a few days ago, BMW decided to sell the final shares it had back to Peter Sauber, giving the team a better chance to be selected by the FIA, after the Qadbak disaster, and this led to the decision being made Thursday morning which now leaves 14 teams on the 2010 entry list but in reality, Sauber makes 13.

Sauber became a full team in 1994, and with the help of oil company Petronas, continued thru to 2001, its best season, when the team took fourth in the constructors' race. Since then, Peter Sauber needed to keep things rolling, and because of its fine facility, but mainly of low funding, sold the team to BMW in 2005. But the return of the team back to Sauber himself now gives him the chance to find drivers and sponsors to continue his quest of the team being in the Formula One world championship, this time for good.