The Sepang circuit hosted the first test session to run to the new rules, stating that during the season, teams are restricted to just one car, are limited on tyre sets and can run for only three days. This being Formula One, the first session actually lasted four days!

A ruling states that if rain stops play, as happened on Day Three, then testing can be extended. It's all beginning to sound like a game of Test Match Cricket, only not quite so exciting.

The job sheet for the test included the usual pre-race preparations, as Sepang hosts the Malaysian GP on 8 April. This included evaluating the two types of Bridgestone tyre, evaluating new aero and suspension components, as well as looking at some short and long term development on RB3.

Day One saw David concentrate on aero work as the track was too "green" for meaningful tyre evaluation, with tyres and suspension work added to the list on the second day.

Mark took over on Day Three, losing some time because of the rain, but got through most of his programme which also included race and qualifying simulation. Day Four, the bonus day, was spent looking at more long term development.

"A very good test in terms of the mileage covered and the reliability and performance of the car," was how Chief Test Engineer Ian Morgan summed things up. "The heat and humidity did not throw up any problems, although it was tiring for the team who did a fantastic job of work over six days and nights."

-credit: red bull