Another Formula One season, another Red Bull party, but if the two elements together now seem totally predictable, the Melbourne presentation was far from ordinary.

Set in a massive film studio in the city's revived docklands area, the facility had been converted into a spectacular tiered amphitheatre for the night. Around a thousand guests turned up, including friends of Red Bull Australia (Kelly Slater, Markus Schenkenberg, Toby Rand and surf goddess Layne Beechley, to name but a few), Red Bull athletes, some of Melbourne's finest and a selection of F1 beautiful people... and also the media!

After the Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso drivers had all braved the Red Carpet routine and the inevitable interview questions about their hopes for the season, the presentation began. The auditorium was surrounded by screens and mirrors and, once the music had subsided, the venue was plunged into darkness. Then, up came a showing of this year's very unusual Mood Film, featuring DC and Webber as sophisticated British duellists up against the raw and edgy Toro twins, Scott and Tonio. The film was met with shouts of approval and enthusiasm from the Melbourne crowd.

A screen then moved aside to reveal a dazzling white light and the four drivers appeared one at a time at the top of a giant staircase. Of course, local hero Webber came out last to a huge reception before walking down into the auditorium to signal the start of Melbourne's biggest party of the race weekend. End of show and time for some Aussie rock music courtesy of top Australian band, Wolf Mother, an absolute household name here in the Southern Hemisphere.

-credit: red bull