Driver: Sebastian Vettel
Car: RB5 01
Laps: 63
Best time: 1:22.177

Circuit length: 4.423
Fastest lap: S. Buemi 1:19.660

After a preliminary shakedown yesterday, the job of getting to know RB5 and developing it for the coming season began today, once again with Sebastian Vettel at the wheel.

The day went well, with successful runs in dry conditions, until mid-morning rain left the track wet until well into the afternoon, so that the car spent quite a bit of time in the garage.

Tomorrow, it will be a case of one car and two drivers: Vettel is due to do the bulk of the driving over these four days, but tomorrow morning Mark Webber will get his first taste of RB5, not just to assess the car's potential, but also to see how he feels physically in the cockpit, as he continues his remarkable recovery after breaking his leg, back in November.

-credit: red bull