Sebastian Vettel has confirmed reports that Red Bull is "concerned" with the FIA's banning of outboard-mounted mirrors ahead of the forthcoming Chinese Grand Prix.

Like some key rivals including Ferrari - but not McLaren or Mercedes - Red Bull has been asked by the governing body to attach mirrors to the cockpit sides rather than far away from the driver on flimsy aerodynamic mountings.

Asked if he is worried about a recurrence of his recent reliability troubles this weekend, German driver Vettel is quoted as responding to the Independent newspaper: "We are much more concerned that from the next race we'll all have to run the mirrors inboard and our car is losing quite some performance due to that."

Ferrari's Felipe Massa said he does not think driver visibility needed improving.

"For me, I have no problem," he told Spain's AS newspaper, "but I don't think we are going to lose anything by moving them from one place to another."

Force India is another team that will need to move its mirrors.