The idea that tyres are all round and black and simply serve to keep the bottom of the car from scraping along the ground would not meet with approval from any engineers and drivers at the Circuit de Catalunya this week.

Getting to grips with the Bridgestone Potenza tyres that everyone will use in 2007 was the undisputed number one topic for just about everyone these past few days, especially important for teams like ours that were previously using another brand.

"We've had a productive three days, collecting a lot of data, beginning to get an understanding of the Bridgestones and they are certainly very different to what we had been running," reckoned Chief Test Engineer, Ian Morgan.

"David's programme ran very smoothly throughout and today, as Mark had other commitments, Michael Ammermuller took his place and actually managed to get through more work than we had expected. Next week, we move to Jerez, where tyre work will again be the main priority when we start running on Wednesday, this time with a softer compound to assess."

-credit: red bull