Sergio Rinland, the man who designed this year's Sauber C20, has said that rookie Kimi Raikkonen reminds him of Ayrton Senna. Rinland, who recently moved to Arrows, said: "‘I saw it in his eyes, I looked in his eyes and I thought,“ I've seen this look before…and I know where I saw that look before”. It gave me goosebumps when I remembered that look…It was Senna."

After an impressive first season Raikkonen was snapped up by McLaren as a replacement for Mika Hakkinen, in a move that some feel is too much too soon for the young Finn. Others disagree and think Raikkonen is a future champion, including Rinland: "In a few years time the people winning championships are going to be Raikkonen, Juan Pablo Montoya, Fernando Alonso and perhaps Ralf Schumacher."

However, Nick Heidfeld - Raikkonen's team mate at Sauber this year - says that although the Finn is good, he is better. Despite being contracted to McLaren, Heidfeld was passed over by the Woking team in favour of Raikkonen in a move that surprised many; including test driver Alex Wurz, who claimed he had already been offered the seat. Heidfeld thinks he could do a better job at McLaren: "It is correct to say that Kimi performed very well (last season)," he said. "But ultimately I was stronger than him, in qualifying and in the races I was better than him. The thing is that there was a huge amount of hype around him. I also think that he will make his way, but I consider myself to be better than him."