Prost Grand Prix and Michelin have signed a three year agreement for the French racing team to use Michelin tires on its Formula One cars from the start of the 2001 season. The team started testing on Michelin immediately at the Barcelona (Spain) circuit.

Prost Grand Prix's President, Alain Prost said: "Michelin has been working very hard this year and we are confident that they will be competitive from the start of the season. I am pleased we will be working with them."

The French team's four-day testing program was carried out by regular driver Jean Alesi, while a second car was used to test a number of young drivers. The cars ran with Peugeot engines for the last time; the company switching to a Ferrari engine package for the future.

Prost Grand Prix joined three other teams running on Michelin at the Catalunya Circuit - BMW Williams F1 Team, Jaguar Racing and Benetton Powered by Renault Sport. All four teams ran together for three days (Dec. 12-14), before Prost Grand Prix completes a fourth day of testing alone today.

Michelin Competitions Director Pierre Dupasquier commented: "We are pleased to have signed with Prost Grand Prix. We know we are at the bottom of the learning curve and have a lot of work to do to prepare for 2001. Having another team on our tires will help us gather more data towards this goal."