Portuguese GP Team Lotus weekend summary


Team Lotus Press Release - 25 September 1994

TEAM LOTUS powered by Mugen Honda


              DATE  SUNDAY 25 SEPTEMBER 1994

RACE RESULT 1st Hill Williams 2nd Coulthard Williams 3rd Hakkinen McLaren 4th Barrichello Jordan 5th Verstappen Benetton 6th Brundle McLaren 7th Irvine Jordan 8th Fittipaldi Footwork 9th Panis Ligier 10th Morbidelli Footwork 12th Herbert TEAM LOTUS 17th Adams TEAM LOTUS

CONSTRUCTORS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 1st Williams 89 pts 2nd Benetton 87 pts 3rd Ferrari 58 pts 4th McLaren 34 pts 5th Jordan 20 pts 6th Tyrrell 13 pts 7th Ligier 11 pts 8th Sauber 10 pts 9th Footwork 9 pts 10th Minardi 5 pts 11th Larrouse 2 pts

DRIVERS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 1st Schumacher 76 pts 2nd Hill 75 pts 3rd Berger 33 pts 4th Hakkinen 22 pts 5th Alesi 19 pts 6th Barrichello 16 pts 7th Coulthard 14 pts 8th Brundle 12 pts 9th Verstappen 10 pts 10th Blundell 8 pts 11th Panis 7 pts 12th Larini 6 pts

Friday 23 September - Free Practice & 1st Qualifying Johnny Herbert: Time Disallowed "I just lost it at the third corner and stalled the engine. That was it. I had to have a push-start, so after that I wasn't allowed to run any more. What's so annoying is that it's ages since I stalled an engine during a spin; I was concentrating too much on trying to avoid the barrier." Philippe Adams: 24th - 1:25.313 "This is a difficult circuit to learn, so I concentrated on that all morning. This afternoon we had more downforce on the car, which improved it, but it was still difficult to handle in the faster corners. I also had a problem with the downshift from sixth to fifth gear at times, and because of that I lost concentration and spun at the third corner during my second run." Peter Collins: "It was a good effort from Philippe considering that he hasn't been here before. It's been a disappointing day, but at least we know that we should be in the ballpark based on the time Johnny did this morning. I'm delighted that Pedro has joined us for the first time since his accident. It's encouraging to see that he is so well and in good spirits, and that he will be back in the cockpit of a racing car soon."

Saturday 24 September - Free Practice & 2nd Qualifying Johnny Herbert: 20th - 1:23.408 "The car was better this afternoon that it has been all weekend. We were still lacking grip, especially at the rear, but we now have a good direction to pursue. Ths car is stable in the fast corners but we still had a problem in the slower sections." Philippe Adams: 25th - 1:25.313 "The car was certainly better but unfortunately the track was slower, and also I didn't find a clear run. Gounon spun at the hairpin on what could have been a good lap and after that I made a mistake braking into the chicane so I lost the benefit of new tyres. The set-up is very consistent, though, and we should have a good set-up for the race." Peter Collins: "The problem we had yesterday proved very, very costly. We made a big step forward in understanding what the car needs, but it was very hard to recover from the time that we lost, especially as the track was slower this afternoon."

Sunday 25 September - The Race Johnny Herbert: "The car felt okay on my first set of tyres, but at the end of that stint the slow-corner grip problem that we had in qualifying came back. I had a problem with the downshift about that time. Sometimes I couldn't change from sixth to fifth, other times from fourth to third. Later on I found that if I left-foot braked and used the clutch I could make things work most of the time. The handling was acceptable on the faster parts of the track, but we need to do more work for slower corners." Philippe Adams: "My neck muscles started hurting halfway through, so it was a difficult race for me. But I am pleased to have finished because it was very important to get that experience." Peter Collins: "It was important to achieve a full race distance on the Mugen-Honda engine and we are encouraged that both of our cars finished. Johnny's car was reasonable on the faster parts of the course, but it's clear we have more work to do to improve the handling on the slower sections. We shall be staying here to test this week, and our programme will be aimed at achieving that."


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NASCAR: Martinsville Starting Grid, September 25, 1994 =========================================================

QUAL CAR POS NUM Driver Name (State) Sponsor Manufacturer-Body Style


 1.  16  TED MUSGRAVE (NC)       The Family Channel Ford-Thunderbird
 2.   7  GEOFF BODINE (NC)       Exide Batteries Ford-Thunderbird
 3.   8  JEFF BURTON (VA)        Raybestos Brakes Ford-Thunderbird
 4.  43  JOHN ANDRETTI (IN)      STP Pontiac-Grand Prix
 5.   6  MARK MARTIN (NC)        Valvoline/Reese's Ford-Thunderbird
 6.  24  JEFF GORDON (NC)        DuPont Auto Finishes Chevrolet-Lumina
 7.   2  RUSTY WALLACE (NC)      Miller Genuine Draft Ford-Thunderbird
 8.  18  DALE JARRETT (NC)       Interstate Batteries Chevrolet-Lumina
 9.   4  STERLING MARLIN (TN)    Kodak Chevrolet-Lumina
10.  11  BILL ELLIOTT (GA)       Budweiser Ford-Thunderbird
11.  17  DARRELL WALTRIP (TN)    Western Auto Chevrolet-Lumina
12.  28  KENNY WALLACE (MO)      NC Ford-Thunderbird
13.  10  RICKY RUDD (NC)         Tide Ford-Thunderbird
14.  25  KEN SCHRADER (NC)       Kodiak Chevrolet-Lumina
15.  15  LAKE SPEED (MS)         Quality Care Ford-Thunderbird
16.  42  KYLE PETTY (NC)         Mello Yello Pontiac-Grand Prix
17.   5  TERRY LABONTE (NC)      Kellogg's Corn Flakes Chevrolet-Lumina
18.  31  WARD BURTON (NC)        Hardees Chevrolet-Lumina
19.  12  DERRIKE COPE (NC)       Straight Arrow Ford-Thunderbird
20.   3  DALE EARNHARDT (NC)     GM Goodwrench Chevrolet-Lumina
21.   5  TERRY LABONTE (NC)      Kellogg's Corn Flakes Chevrolet-Lumina
22.  21  MORGAN SHEPHERD (NC)    Citgo Oil Ford-Thunderbird
23.  23  HUT STRICKLIN (AL)      Smokin Joe's Ford-Thunderbird
24.  33  HARRY GANT (NC)         Skoal Bandit Chevrolet-Lumina
25.  26  BRETT BODINE (NC)       Budweiser/QuakerState Ford-Thunderbird
26.  41  JOE NEMECHEK (FL)       Meineke Mufflers Chevrolet-Lumina
27.  32  DICK TRICKLE (NC)       Sky Box Chevrolet-Lumina
28.  27  JIMMY SPENCER (NC)      McDonald's Ford-Thunderbird
29.  40  BOBBY HAMILTON (TN)     Kendall Oil Pontiac-Grand Prix
30.  29  STEVE GRISSOM (AL)      Diamond Ridge Chevrolet-Lumina
31.  30  MICHAEL WALTRIP (NC)    Pennzoil Pontiac-Grand Prix
32.  52  BRAD TEAGUE (TN)        NAPA Auto Parts Ford-Thunderbird
33.  75  TODD BODINE (NC)        Factory Stores Ford-Thunderbird
34.  77  GREG SACKS (FL)         Jasper Engines/US Air Ford-Thunderbird
35.   1  RICK MAST (VA)          Skoal Classic Ford-Thunderbird
36.  90  MIKE WALLACE (NC)       Heilig-Meyers Ford-Thunderbird


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