Sebastian Vettel impressed with another win at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix today.

Not only did he win in commanding fashion, he equaled a record for the most consecutive wins with Michael Schumacher.

Instead of running around the track on the cool down lap, collecting rubber to ensure his car makes the weigh in, he celebrated. Again.

Last weekend, after claiming the title with his win in India he did a burnout which was a no-no with the FIA, who came down hard fining the driver 25,000 euros for the stunt.

This weekend, he decided to do it again.

While doing burnouts, the television coverage keyed into his team radio, in which he mocked a now famous Kimi Raikkonen quote, mumbling "yes, yes, I know what I am doing."

His team replied that he has to pay his own fine this time, as the jubilant German driver continued the victory celebration.

One can only assume that the FIA will come down on Vettel again after this post-race celebration, with either more monetary fines or exclusion from results.

More on this story as it develops.