Team Lotus Press Release - May 15, 1994

TEAM LOTUS powered by Mugen Honda


            DATE  SUNDAY 15 MAY 1994
      PEDRO LAMY  11TH

RACE RESULT 1st Schumacher Benetton 2nd Brundle McLaren 3rd Berger Ferrari 4th De Cesaris Jordan 5th Alesi Ferrari 6th Alboreto Minardi 7th Lehto Benetton 8th Beretta Larrouse 9th Panis Ligier 10th Comas Larrouse 11th Lamy Lotus

CONSTRUCTORS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 1st Benetton 40 pts 2nd Ferrari 22 pts 3rd McLaren 10 pts 4th Jordan 10 pts 5th Williams 7 pts 6th Sauber 6 pts 7th Tyrrell 4 pts 8th Footwork 3 pts 9th Larrouse 1 pt 10th Minardi 1 pt

DRIVERS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 1st Schumacher 40 pts 2nd Berger 10 pts 3rd Hill 7 pts 4th Barrichello 7 pts 5th Alesi 6 pts 6th Larini 6 pts 7th Brundle 6 pts 8th Hakkinen 4 pts 9th Katayama 4 pts 10th Wendlinger 4 pts 11th Fittipaldi 3 pts 12th Frentzen 2 pts

Thursday 12 May Johnny Herbert: 13th 1:24.103 "We've still got a grip problem with the 107C, but here we've managed to get a nice balance. The thing with this circuit is that you can attack a lot more without paying the sort of penalty you might on a quicker track. It's really just a matter of how much you want to risk it, how much you want to chance hitting a barrier." Pedro Lamy: 20th 1:25.859 "My car felt a little better this morning. This afternoon it wasn't so good, which is really strange because we didn't change a thing. Now I've got a lot of wheelspin so maybe there's something wrong with the differential. It was getting worse with every lap." Peter Collins: "A good effort by both drivers, and an improvement over our performance level of late. We're very pleased with the performance of the Mugen-Honda engine today."

Saturday 14 May Johnny Herbert: 16th 1:22.375 "We made changes to the set-up this morning, without actually being able to improve it. We tried something else this afternoon, but that wasn't too good either. We then did a damper and rollbar change and that resulted in a better balance for my second run, so I was able to push the car beyond its real limit." Pedro Lamy: 19th 1:23.858 "We ran with the same set-up as Johnny, and the grip and traction were better than they had been. I was still having problems, though. I didn't get a clear run, and then I ran out of fuel on my slowing down lap, and had to pull off at Casino Square." Peter Collins: "Both Johnny and Pedro have driven very well throughout qualifying; neither of them made any mistakes on a circuit where it's easy to misjudge things."

Sunday 15 May Johnny Herbert: "The race was pretty much incident-free for me, until I had a problem with the gearbox after 68 laps. Numbers were coming up all over the place on the dashboard display and the gearbox was slow in responding to downchanges. Then after a bit everything seemed okay again. Then it started to play up again, and the situation started to get very dangerous, especially in the tunnel, because the gearbox was changing down a couple of gears in one go without any warning. The only thing to do was to come in and retire with six laps to go." Pedro Lamy: "When I came in for my first tyre stop the mechanics noticed that there was fluid in the left rear wheel that they'd just taken off, so they called me in again for a safety check. They checked the brake fluid level, which they found was okay. After my second tyre stop they brought me in again just for another safety check." Peter Wright: "Johnny was going well until he got caught up in a gaggle of cars behind Comas. Unfortunately he then had an electrical gremlin in his gearbox which decided to take over decisions on downchanges. Johnny took the only sensible course and retired. Until that point we were pleased that he was able to race so well in the mid-field. We're relieved that throughout the race, Formula One did not have any further incidents."


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