Mansell interested in advisory role

Former world champion Nigel Mansell has expressed an interest in taking up some kind of advisory role in Formula One, although not as a full time job. Mansell, who won the title in 1992, retired competitively from F1 in 1995 although he tested the Jordan 196 in 1997 and has driven the Minardi two-seater. He also edited Formula 1 Magazine and has not lost the interest to be involved in the sport.

Nigel Mansell.
Photo by Brousseau Photo.
"I wouldn't have a problem getting involved in an advisory role, in fact I'd probably like that," he told Motorsport News. "I wouldn't want to go to all the races but even at the age I am, I'd be interested in going to some tests. You have to be an honest broker in any business. It would be very interesting and satisfying to be part of something and make it successful. But full-time, absolutely not."

"Having said that, anything is possible in motor racing if the package is exciting enough. I do know a little bit about motor racing and who knows? From time to time I do give a quiet opinion to people who ask."

It has been speculated Mansell could be considered for the vacant team boss position at Jaguar but although he undoubtedly has plenty of experience, Ford's Richard Parry Jones has said Jaguar is looking for someone with significant technical knowledge rather than on-track background.