Ex-Jaguar Racing boss Niki Lauda is considering the offer of an advisory position within the team after being ousted as principal last week. The former champion, who headed Jaguar for fifteen months, was asked to stay in an advisory capacity by Ford's Richard Parry-Jones and Lauda is waiting to see if an arrangement can be agreed on.

Speaking at a karting event in Hamburg, Lauda said: "If the conditions are such as they were presented to me and if my ideas are accepted, we could find an arrangement. I know this business well enough to be aware of how it goes. That's why I will not rush things and will consider the offer carefully before making a decision in the next few days."

The Austrian was reportedly surprised at his abrupt removal from the helm of Jaguar but said it was a political decision he could do nothing about. Ford want to concentrate on the technical development of the team and Lauda was not considered to have the right engineering experience. A new team principal has yet to be announced but a decision is expected by the time Jaguar launch the 2003 car on January 13th.