AGAINST THE ODDS: JORDAN'S DRIVE TO WIN This Friday, 4th December 1998, sees the launch of Jon Nicholson and Maurice Hamilton's latest collaboration, Against the Odds: Jordan's Drive to Win, in the Sports Department of London's Harrods store, between 12.00 noon and 2.00 p.m. "This book should have been a record of glorious success. Instead it turned into a thriller, the inside story of a struggle to survive in the most cut-throat and glamorous sport in the world. Despite early confidence, as the season continued it became obvious that Eddie Jordan's dream of seeing his drivers on the winners podium was turning into a nightmare. Then came Spa, the momentous weekend when Jordan Grand Prix made motor sporting history taking 1st and 2nd places with its maiden Grand Prix win". Team owner Eddie Jordan will be available to sign copies of this fully authorised account of a top Grand Prix team in crisis reinventing itself to produce its best season ever.