Damon Hill, former Formula 1 World Champion 1996, has been nominated by Mike Knight and Jackie Oliver, two present members of the Britsh Racing Drivers' Club (BRDC) Board, to succeed Sir Jackie Stewart as President of the Club, following the decision by Sir Jackie not to seek re-election at the AGM on Friday 28 April 2006.

Damon Hill, if elected, will be only the second Formula 1 World Champion to hold the position of President of the BRDC in its 78 year history. His nomination is unanimously supported by the Board.

Stuart Rolt, Chairman of the Board said, "The democratic decision on electing a President lies with our membership but I have no doubt that there will be popular support within the Club for Damon to succeed Sir Jackie. As a Formula 1 World Champion himself, he will take on the prestige that exists in the position of President of the BRDC as an ambassador for UK motorsport."

"Damon will also symbolise the passing on of the Presidency to a younger generation which will send out an encouraging message to our newer and younger members who must take up the reigns of leadership of the Club in the future."

Sir Jackie commented, "I hope the Members give Damon their full support in working with the Board in the best interests of the Club. Damon, like his father Graham, is a shining example of excellence from a family absolutely steeped in motor racing. I wish him all success in the future."