Brands Hatch sale completed

Rosenblatt, solicitors to Brands Hatch, have confirmed that BHL has been sold to Interpublic for £120m, through Interpublic's Octagon division. Nicola Foulston will join the board of Octagon.

Frank Lowe, director of Interpublic and chair of Octagon, said "We are pleased to have been successful in our Offer, and look forward to uniting the complementary strengths of Brands Hatch and Octagon Motorsports.".

Brands Hatch is still awaiting news of it's planning applications for improvement work required for the British Grand Prix.

Ecclestone richest man in Britain

Bernie Ecclestone has been named the richest man in Britain by EuroBusiness magazine. The article says that Mr Ecclestone has a personal fortune of £2.4bn, compared with the Queen's £2bn.

-- Stephen M Baines