by Robert Heathcote

>From official FIA Press Release: "After considering all relevant information (including some which was not available to the stewards in Adelaide), the FIA have concluded there is insufficient evidence to justify summoning either Michael Schumacher or Damon Hill before the World Motor Sport Council on 9 December. The matter is therefore closed and no further action will be taken."

Also, the FIA said in the release that it would consider rule changes "to avoid a future world championship being decided by a collision. The FIA will study the possibility of empowering the stewards to allow the drivers involved to continue the race in spare cars or hold a run-off immediately after the race."

When asked what his thoughts were, FIA President Max Mosley said, "It's something (we have to look at). There's something very unsatisfactory about what happened in Adelaide. Never mind who was to blame, it's an irritating way to see the (championship) decided.

"In a simple case like that you certainly could, for example, allow both drivers to start in the pit lane during the race and whichever one finishes in front of the other has won or you could have a 10-lap run-off after the race."