FCS: Palm Beach landmark hosts Ferrari concourse

Every year for the last 12, The Cavallino Magazine has sponsored what has evolved into the six day Cavallino Classic for Ferrari Motorcars. The event is held at the legendary Breakers resort in Palm Beach, Florida. A full line of diverse activities that include on-track training, testing, Road Tours, Lectures, Banquets and the high point, the Concourse D'elegance. The magazine has a worldwide following and appeals to those who own, restore and drive Ferraris. One 348 Spyder owner that was in attendance had brought his wife and children from Austria to enjoy a holiday in America whose sole reason for coming was the Cavallino Classic. He dreamed of one day being able to show his car at the event.

Field of dreams.
Photo by W. Robert Phelps, III.

Most of the Ferraris at this year's event were from the modern era. The decade of the Sixties up to the present day "Enzo" accounted for the majority of the display. Along with the Famous "F-" series of supercars, several modern and historic racing machines were shown including the 360 Modena that will be campaigned by the JMB Racing USA team Ferrari next week in the Rolex 24 hour endurance race held in Daytona. In addition to the marvelous Ferraris, a few rare and wonderful Alfa Romeos and Fiats were also present.

While most would say that the highlight of the day Saturday was enjoying the cars, watching the attendees in Palm Beach is somewhat more entertaining. To say that Palm Beach is an upscale area is a gross understatement. With a mix of movie stars, racing drivers and just plain wealthy folks it is fun to merely take it all in.

The facilities at the Breakers are second to none. Their amenities and attention to detail are without peer. The 1896 property is listed in the Nation Register of historic places featuring Ocean Views, Golf, Tennis, Mediterranean-style beach club and Spa on 145 acres of the stylish Barrier Island.

The Concourse gave the Ferrari owners an opportunity to exhibit their hard work and flawless machines. The overcast and sometimes-rainy skies didn't dampen the spirits of the participants or guests of this beautifully planned and executed event. Many thanks to John Barnes and his staff for their hospitality and access to glimpse of a Day in the life that is Palm Beach.

Photos by W. Robert Phelps III