BARkstabbing at BAR

Stories continue to circulate about an internal power struggle at British American Racing. According to the stories, Adrian Reynard is trying to oust Craig Pollock from the team. Adrian resents being ousted himself from his role as technical director earlier in the season. In Suzuka, Reynard said "I didn't like VIlleneuve's remarks and I made that very clear".

Last week, meetings took place between Honda and BAR, after the former expressed concern about the teams lack of progress over the season. It is believed that there will be substantial changes at BAR over the winter. Reynard has been quoted saying "I think the shareholders need to consider changes throughout the company from top to botton, we need to take a step up in our performance in order to satisfy Honda that we are a credible team".

When asked about Pollock's future, Reynard said "That won't be up to me. The board of directors will consider the best way forward, and it is my duty as a director, shareholder and vice-chairman of the company to put forward a plan I believe in".

He went on "Motor racing is all about rapid reactions and quick decision-making. I will discuss things with the board during the next few weeks and we need to get changes sorted before Christmas".

Villeneuve has said that he will quit if Pollock goes, but with the second highest sallary in the sport, he is thought unlikely to quit - especially with no obvious top-flight drive available. The only likely drive would be with Williams, but they are going to be in a transition year with BMW next season.

Zanardi in talks with Williams

BMW has expressed its concerns about Alex Zanardi to Williams, and the team is believed to be in talks with the driver. Patrick Head was quoted in Suzuka as saying "We must discuss with him whether 1999 should be considered as an example or an aberration. We don't want to run next year with a one-car team".

Zanardi himself has been pointed in his comments: "Before I come back next year, it will be necessary to sit down and discuss some things. I thought I'd found an impeccable team, but unfortunately it hasn't been like that ... I hope I'll be back, but in life and F1 you can never be sure".

Rumours continue to link Olivier Panis to the drive, along with Jacques Villeneuve should he quit BAR, and David Coulthard with Panis driving for McLaren.

Dennis denies Bernie role

Ron Dennis has denied that he is planning to take over from Bernie Ecclestone, as the person in charge of FOH. "I have no interest in buying Bernie out. There was a big story in Italy along those lines, but it was complete rubbish. There is no substance to it whatsoever."

Tyrrell in charge at BRDC

In the continuing battle for the British Grand Prix, Ken Tyrrell has taken over as acting president of the BRDC. BHL still hasn't had the planning permission to alter Brands Hatch. It was expecting it 2 weeks ago.


Stephen M Baines

"The cars are as safe as they can be, it's just that you'll never be able to make race cars completely safe. Things happen at speed." Greg Moore. RIP. 31/10/1999. Speaking on 29/10/1999