To keep us going over the long winter months before the new season there will be news reports posted often

Diniz impressed

Pedro Diniz, the ex-Arrows driver, has praised his Sauber. "The engine just feels so powerful" he was reported as saying.

Barcelona testing reveals little

The final times from testing at Barcelona have put Coulthard in the McLaren just ahead of Irvine in the Ferrari. Ralf Schumacher was third, with Frentzen 4th for Williams and Jordan respectively. Diniz finished 6th for Sauber, half a second faster than Williams' new signing Zanardi. The two Prosts of Sarrazin and Trulli made up the field, with Badoer in the Ferrari inbetween.

Badoer moves into frame at Minardi

Ex F1 driver, Luca Badoer, has moved into the frame for a drive at Minardi. He is now believed to have the edge on Nakano. Minardi was quoted as saying "We're not unhappy with Nakano, but we would prefer to have Badoer". Nakano's =A34m is believed to lie heavily in the Japaneses favour.

Legal challenge to EC tobacco ban

A legal advisor with the EUs own team has questioned the legality of the advertising ban due to come into force. It is believed the challenge is to do with the ban being made under the Treaty of Rome, whilst this only allows recommendations and not directives. The EC licencee for Camel brand boots has launched a protect against it, as the ban would also cover indirect advertising.

Hill blames Schumacher for 94

Damon Hill has finally blamed Michael Schumacher for the Adelaide 94 collision. Patrick Head and Jacques Villeneuve have been on record as saying so for some time. Damon Hill's new book is the first time that Hill has laid the blame at the German's door. He is quoted in the book saying 'At the time, I couldn't believe that he would do such a thing, but, with hindsight, I think I was being a little na=EFve, I simply had not understood how far some drivers - and one in particular - would go in order to win.'

New tyres no safer

Michael Schumacher, David Coulthard and Alex Zanardi have said they are not happy with the new 99 tyres. They have said that they think they are no safer and make overtaking even more difficult. The drivers said that they made the cars more unstable and more reliant on aerodynamics.

Takagi signs for Arrows

In yet more rumours, Takagi is said to have signed for Arrows, bringing =A35.5m to the team. No announcement is to be made until the teams future is known. Tom Walkinshaw has told his employees that that the team is "not on the market".

-- Stephen M Baines