Jaguar signs Burti

The Jaguar (nee Stewart) team has signed Luciano Burti as their test driver for 2000.

Burti: "It has always been my ambition to enter Formula One and this is a significant step along that path. This role is the perfect schooling for my development as a Formula One driver. I see this as an opportunity to prove that I have the ability to one day join the ranks of the famous Brazilian drivers who have already graced Formula One. I feel privileged to be associated with a marque with such a proud heritage as Jaguar’s."

Jackie Stewart: "He was the first driver to run in the SF-3, the 1999 Stewart-Ford Formula One car, and has subsequently done a lot of testing for the Stewart-Ford team in 1999 and has provided excellent feedback for the test and race engineers"

Adrian Newey speaks on Senna trial

Adrian Newey has spoken to Autosport about the prosecution of himself and Patrick Head for Ayrton Senna's death.

"The trial is one of the worst examples of the legal system behaving badly".

"In terms of helping to understand what happened at Imola and learning from the event, it has achieved nothing. It has helped no one in F1 - only the lawyers."

"Although the episode appears to be over, it's a lesson for F1 to learn. The sport should be pushing the EU for a new law." -- Stephen M Baines

"The people I feel really sorry for are the cleaners at the factory. I demand the place be kept spotless and I give them a hard time if it's not.

I have to remember we all have to deliver results." Craig Pollock