Enge fails drug test Enge fails drug test

Former Formula One driver Thomas Enge has failed an FIA drug test and will be called before a World Motor Sport Council meeting in October. Enge competes in the F3000 series with Arden and raced with Prost in F1 last season. The Czech replaced Luciano Burti after the Brazilian crashed at Spa and Enge raced in the remaining races, debuting at Monza.

Enge failed the test at the Hungarian round of the F3000 championship in August and the FIA has released the following statement today:

Tomas Enge.
Photo by Brousseau Photo.
"Following an anti-doping test at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Tomas Enge, Formula 3000 driver for the Arden International team, tested positive for a substance prohibited by the FIA under Appendix L, Chapter II, Article 4 of the International Sporting Code."

"Tomas Enge has been summoned to appear before the World Motor Sport Council at its next meeting which will be held in Paris on Tuesday, October 1st, 2002. In conformity with the regulations, a driver may request a re-test of the original sample within 8 days of being informed of a positive test result."

Arden boss Christian Horner denies Enge knowingly took a prohibited substance: "Two samples were provided, of which the first sample has proved to be positive. The second sample will be tested, for which we are awaiting the results," he told Reuters at Monza, where the final round of the F3000 will be run this weekend.

"Tomas is insistent that he hasn't knowingly taken any illegal substance or drug and is completely shocked and surprised to have been tested positive." Horner also said the team is supporting Enge and he would be competing in Saturday's race.