Jaguar Racing drivers Mark Webber and Antonio Pizzonia have just two more test sessions left before retiring to enjoy Christmas and the New Year with their respective families.

For Mark Webber, the forthcoming festive season will be a very new experience as the Australian will be spending the time of year in colder conditions than he is normally used to.

"The family is coming to me which is good because I've spent the last four years going back over there so this year I demanded that I'm staying here and they can come over here!" said Webber. "But it's the first cold Christmas so that's going to be interesting for me -- no thongs and no barbecues so I'm not so sure about that."

"But like anyone, it's going to be a very special time for the family to relax and have a good time for a good couple of days and with a long hard pressurised season ahead I'm looking forward to the break."