Comments from the Spyker MF1 team after Friday practices for the Chinese Grand Prix

Tiago Monteiro:

"It was a weird day because of the weather conditions that haven`t really allowed us to be sure of what we`ve got. I think we did a pretty decent job in the end but we need to keep our feet on the ground as the weather was strange and we basically only did ten real laps. We have some data to work with and starting the day with a top ten is good all the same. "

Christijan Albers:

"We had quite a tough day and we stayed on one set of tyres for both sessions. We need to do some fine-tuning for the race set-up but I think we are going in the right direction. Tomorrow we will see what`s going on; I think there is much more speed in the car as I had some traffic in the last couple of laps so couldn`t do a quicker time. But hey it`s only Friday!"

Alexandre Premat:

"I am very happy about today and it was really amazing to drive an F1 car once again. During the first and second session it was really exciting; the team did a great job with the new tyre even though it was not very easy to drive in the afternoon. I think the team can make the right decisions with what I achieved today in the car."

Dominic Harlow (Head of race and test engineering):

"It was a normal programme today with good work from all the drivers. We have plenty of data to go through and obviously the conditions in the second session, when the track temperature dropped by 6 degrees, made things a little more difficult. This is a major factor to consider as we make our tyre decisions and set-up changes to optimise the car for qualifying tomorrow."

Colin Kolles:

"As people can imagine behind the scenes it has been a very busy weekend so far but to see our cars run on here for the first time in their new livery was a happy moment. I was very pleased to see Alexandre Premat having a successful day in the third car. Strange weather is always welcome and I hope that changing conditions can give us a better chance in the race."

Tiago Monteiro
Chassis: M16-03
First session: 16th, 1:39.947, +4.373, 7 laps
Second session: 9th, 1:37.698, +2.159, 13 laps

Christijan Albers
Chassis: M16-02
First session: 14th, 1:39.494, +3.920, 6 laps
Second session: 28th, 1:40.319, +4.780, 14 laps

Alexandre Premat
Chassis: M16-01
First session: 6th, 1:37.787, +2.213, 24 laps
Second session: 15th, 1:38.098, +2.599, 26 laps

-credit: spyker mf1