Reuters has a few comments on what Carl Haas has said as well Bernie Ecclestone on the mooted move of Nigel to F1.

As expected Haas is not enthusiastic: He said: "I don't think it is a good idea at all. I am not comfortable with it and the latest accident at Silverstone involving Pedro Lamy makes me feel worse."

In another comment he is quoted as saying: Nigel has spoken to me briefly about it, but he is contracted with us for 1994 and 1995 and we are not keen to release him. You can gauge how seriously I have taken it when I tell you that I have not even spoken to Paul Newman about it at all."

Ecclestone, for his part, advises that he has spoken to both Nigel and Haas about it but will not divulge details. He does admit that there is no way in the world that Haas will release Nigel for the whole Indy Car program but does believe that there is room for Nigel doing a couple of races.

Ecclestone says that this has to be cleared up in a few days but adds that "We need to have someone who is seriously quick in the Williams". Carl Haas feels the whole idea is not a good idea at all.