CHAMPCAR/CART: Forsythe puts Villeneuve offer in writing

Team Players' boss Jerry Forsythe confirmed at the Denver CART weekend that an offer for the services of Jacques Villeneuve has now been officially put in writing. A previous verbal offer was turned down by Villeneuve's manager but Forsythe has not given up on his efforts to tempt the Canadian back to the US racing series.

Jacques Villeneuve.
Photo by British American Racing.
"I found out late last week that the written offer was not made to Mr. (Craig) Pollock, Jacques Villeneuve's manager. It was offered verbally," Forsythe said at a CART press conference. "However, Craig, declined the verbal offer, but he reported to me that that was part of his negotiation."

"I phoned Dave Richards (of the BAR F1 team) on Friday and respectfully requested that he put the offer in writing and give it to Mr. Pollock this weekend. So I'm expecting a call from Mr. Pollock or from Mr. Richards by tomorrow."

The negotiations for Villeneuve's return to CART have been going on for some time now and BAR has not confirmed him staying with the team for next year's F1 season. BAR boss Richards has said that the Canadian's large salary could perhaps be better spent within the team, reportedly causing a rift between the two.

Until recently it was thought Villeneuve may have been holding out to see if Pollock was successful in his bid for the Arrows F1 team but apparently now that deal is off. Pollock said he was no longer involved since an unknown American investor appeared on the scene.