The OrangeArrows team had a difficult race in Montreal today resulting in 13th place for Heinz-Harald Frentzen and a retirement for Enrique Bernoldi.

Enrique, after a strong showing in morning warm-up, had a good start to his race and was able to easily pass Irvine's Jaguar and the BAR of Olivier Panis. When the Safety Car came out for the recovery of Villeneuve's stranded BAR, Enrique took the opportunity for an early pit-stop. Unfortunately that is where his problems began. Team-mate Heinz-Harald struggled with the balance of his A23 and completed the race in 13th position.

Heinz-Harald Frentzen

"I basically had an unbalanced car today so could not push. The brakes didn't feel good so I did not have the confidence to really go for it. Along with more difficulties with the fuel rig, I just didn't get any breaks today."

Enrique Bernoldi

"I really am very disappointed. I was having a great race today as the car felt good and I was able to overtake. Straight after my pit-stop I felt there was a problem with the car and that was effectively the end of my race."

Graham Taylor, Chief Race Engineer, OrangeArrows

"One to write off I think! Enrique was very promising at the start of the race and we took the opportunity of calling him in during the Safety Car period for his first pit-stop. Shortly after his stop he reported a problem with the right rear of the car so we called him in again, checked the car over, found nothing wrong, and sent him on his way. Enrique then said that he could still feel a vibration so we took the decision to retire him on safety grounds. Obviously we'll know more once we strip the car down. Heinz had a poor start and struggled from thereon in."

Heinz-Harald Frentzen
Position: 13th
Chassis No: A23-01
T-Car Chassis: A23-04

Enrique Bernoldi
Position: DNF
Chassis No: A23-03