Button questions driver hype

Jenson Button wonders why Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso get so much attention and other good drivers barely get a mention. Both Raikkonen and Alonso had a good season in 2003 and Raikkonen took the title fight to the final race at Suzuka, finishing the season only two points behind Michael Schumacher. The spotlight was on the Kimi and Alonso but Button thinks there are other talents on the grid that deserve as much attention.

Jenson Button.
Photo by LAT Photographic.
"They say a lot about Kimi and Alonso especially and they forget a lot of the other talent in Formula One," the BAR driver opined, according to the BBC. "What about Juan Pablo (Montoya)? They don't even mention him much and he's been the main title rival with Michael Schumacher. (Mark) Webber's done a good job this year as well, so there's a lot of talent there."

Button, who has yet to set foot on the podium in his four years in F1, thinks some people have more luck than others: "Some people are lucky when they come into F1. They are in the right place at the right time," he remarked. "Kimi, for example. He had a good first year, but nothing staggering. Then in his second year he's in a McLaren. What a step."

BAR showed some improvement on track in 2003 and Button managed a couple of fourth place finishes. He predicts that next season Renault, which ended 2003 fourth overall in the constructors' championship, will not be as competitive and expects BAR to be fighting near the front.

"I don't think Renault are going to be as strong as they have been," Button commented. "I think we're going to be the team up there with the top three. A lot's going to change next year, which is going to benefit me."