A very productive final day of testing.

The Sauber C24B with the BMW V8 engine ran flawlessly all day long. The engineers first concentrated on gathering more data on the engine and then conducted a tyre test programme for Michelin. The set-up changes that were made overnight proved to be a positive step.

What comes next: Test in Jerez from December 8 to 10

Mario Theissen, BMW Motorsport Director:

"This was a successful first joint test. It was important that we could run the BMW P86 engine in the Sauber chassis at this early stage, in order to integrate all technical systems. This is the beginning of the testing season, and there is naturally a lot of work to be done."

"The co-operation at the track as well as the preparation of the interim chassis went very well - it was the first joint task of the new team. This test was the first one of our four that we will be conducting with the interim car before launching the 2006 contender on January 16 and 17."

Nick Heidfeld
Chassis: Sauber C24B
Engine: BMW P86 V8
Test kilometres: 329 km
Number of laps: 71
Fastest lap: 1:17.538 min (lap 36)