The Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) has recently been the focus of news that claims a possible threat to the Grand Prix taking place next year. Threats to the Bahrain Grand Prix are similar to any high profile sporting event.

A BIC spokesperson said: "Nobody is immune from such claims and we must take all threats within the region of the Middle East seriously. The Bahrain International Circuit did not receive any direct threat. The threat that we face is similar to any Grand Prix anywhere in the world."

Bahrain recognizes that hosting a Formula One event is like hosting any international games such as the Olympics in terms of its profile. Accordingly, all precautionary measures have been taken with the relevant authorities and these will continue during the build-up to the event.

Bahrain takes its national security as a matter of paramount importance and is working very closely with its regional and international allies to follow any possible leads. All threats of this nature are taken seriously.