1st Practice P9, 2nd Practice P5

"It's obviously different conditions here, compared to when we drove on Sunday in Shanghai. We have very dry conditions and, as usual, Bahrain throws up its challenge with car balance. We had a productive Friday, running on both tyres and the car ran faultlessly. In terms of pace it's always hard to say who's where on Friday ­ but hopefully we're in good shape again to get some good results on Sunday."

1st Practice P12, 2nd Practice P4 So, obviously it's back to normal now. Last weekend was fantastic, but we have to carry on as there's a lot of work to do! So, our minds ar now set to focus on Bahrain. It was a normal Friday, we were more or less able to do our full programme and had no issues with the car. Performance wise, it's difficult to comment, but the car feels alright. We were struggling to fin a good balance this morning, but it was better this afternoon. Now we have to look at the data and try to improve for tomorrow. I think everyone was surprised how hot it is when you leave the pits in the car, it's like someone's blowing a heat gun in your face. It's better wit the visor closed than open, otherwise you just get more hot air blowing at you."

-credit: rb