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On 28th April 1994, in Padua - Italy, after more than a year of planning and projects, an agreement for the construction of a series of bicycles bearing the name SENNA was concluded just a few days before Ayrton SENNA's last Grand Prix race. Today, improving this project is a reason of pride for Carraro and it is a task which represents the expression of one of Ayrton SENNA's precise wishes.

Ayrton SENNA bicycles series consists of:

SENNA 330: A lively and sporty "free-time" bike, and revised version of the classic ladies' model, with a completely new, practical and essential design. SENNA 440: Developed with the very same care as top-of-the-range models, this is a less sophisticated model, though just as safe and reliable. SENNA 550: The new-generation MTB. This fully-suspended MTB, resulting from Carraro Cicli's time-proven experience, is ideal for all cross-country and downhill courses. SENNA 770: A competition machine designed right down to the finest details in Carraro Cicli racing department and thoroughly tested in competition.

(technical and part specifications are available on request by e-mail)

The striving for perfection also undergoes product personalisation. That's why the bicycles bearing the name SENNA have a guarantee of exclusiveness. Each model has a serial number stamped on the frame as a guarantee of SENNA-brand quality. This also certifies its hand-made origin and enables the product to be followed right through its life cycle, and also for identification purposes if stolen. A SENNA bicycle represents an extra guarantee: Carraro Cicli offer a 10-year warranty as of the purchase date - Carraro Cicli will replace or repair free of charge any frame found to be faulty.

A part of the proceeds from sales of these bicycles goes to the Ayrton SENNA Foundation, created by the SENNA family in July '94. The Foundation, resulting from Ayrton's specific wish just two months before his tragic death, supports several projects aimed at helping undernourished children of developing countries, including Brazil, and social programs for encouraging and promoting the talents, abilities and potential of children and of needy communities.

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