This is a little calculation I've been updating race-by-race for the purpose of entering it into "Driver Race Performance" in Microprose F1GP. I thought you might possibly be interested in publishing it in, since it gives an index of racing speed & ability leaving out mechanical breakdowns & crashes, which is something we all like to discuss.

Of course, it also puts back-markers in a favourable position in races in which many others stopped, and doesn't allow for problems which slowed a car without stopping it but, well, no stats are perfect!

Driver Average placing per finish

Schumacher, Hill, Coulthard             2nd             
Alesi                                   3rd
Herbert, Berger                         4th
Hakkinnen                               5th
Brundle, Panis, Frentzen                6th
Blundell, Barrichello, Irvine           7th
Salo, Morbidelli, Boullion              9th
Katayama, Gachot, Lamy                 10th
Inoue, Badoer                          11th
Montermini, Diniz                      12th
Moreno                                 15th

Note that Herbert, Panis and Boullion all did better than their press during the season would indicate.

Herbert finished the most times during the season with 13; Schumacher, Salo & Frentzen finished 12 times each; Panis 11 times; and Hill, Blundell, Diniz and Berger 10 times each.

-- Steve Rogers = news:demon.local fnord