Team Lotus Press Release - 13 November 1994

TEAM LOTUS powered by Mugen Honda


              DATE  SUNDAY 13 NOVEMBER 1994
         MIKA SALO  DNF

RACE RESULT 1st Mansell Williams 2nd Berger Ferrari 3rd Brundle McLaren 4th Barrichello Jordan 5th Panis Ligier 6th Alesi Ferrari 7th Frentzen Sauber 8th Fittipaldi Footwork 9th Martini Minardi 10th Lehto Sauber 11th Lagorce Ligier 12th Hakkinen McLaren

CONSTRUCTORS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 1st Williams 118 pts 2nd Benetton 103 pts 3rd Ferrari 71 pts 4th McLaren 42 pts 5th Jordan 28 pts 6th Ligier 13 pts 7th Tyrrell 13 pts 8th Sauber 12 pts 9th Footwork 9 pts 10th Minardi 5 pts 11th Larrouse 2 pts

DRIVERS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 1st Schumacher 92 pts 2nd Hill 91 pts 3rd Berger 41 pts 4th Hakkinen 26 pts 5th Alesi 24 pts 6th Barrichello 19 pts 7th Brundle 16 pts 8th Coulthard 14 pts 9th Mansell 13 pts 10th Verstappen 10 pts 11th Panis 9 pts 12th Blundell 8 pts

Friday 11 November - Free Practice & Qualifying Alessandro Zanardi: 14th 1:18.331 "I'm not pleased with my car at all today, because I had a lot of little problems. The brakes weren't working very well, and after my first lap the bias moved very dramatically to the rear because of the basic inefficiency with the fronts. I had to try to adjust the balance corner by corner, which wasn't easy! Also, the engine idle was set too high for my second run, so that the car was still pushing in the slower corners." Mika Salo: 22nd 1:19.844 "This morning the car felt quite good, but this afternoon in qualifying it was oversteering a lot more. The oversteer made it difficult to get on the power, although the car felt better on the second set of tyres. Then I lost it on the exit to one of the ninety degree corners, on the bumps there, and that was it." Peter Collins: "Alex made a very good effort today in the face of a lot of annoying little problems. He didn't allow himself to be frustrated by them, and managed a great lap in the circumstances. Mika's time showed again that he is very quick to learn circuits in an F1 car, even one completely new to him, but the car wasn't as good this afternoon."

Saturday 12 November - Free Practice & Qualifying Alessandro Zanardi: 14th 1:18.331 "I think we can make the car better for tomorrow, but the way it has been going today I am looking forward to a dry race!" Mika Salo: 22nd 1:19.844 "I am still struggling to find grip on this circuit which is point and squirt between tight corners and I am getting too much wheelspin all the time. Generally the circuit seems to have much less grip. When it was dry in free practice, though, the car felt really nice, much better than yesterday. I'm really hoping that it's dry tomorrow." Peter Collins: "It's been another of those frustrating, wasted days, just like Saturday in Suzuka. Wet street circuits seem to accentuate some of the 109's problems, but of course we needed to get as much running in these conditions today in case they continue tomorrow."

Sunday 13 November - The Race Alessandro Zanardi: "The car was going very well and the engine was really good. After three laps I started to have problems with the throttle cable so it was very difficult to drive the car. My race was dictated by that until I was forced to retire when the throttle stuck open completely. I want to thank everyone for everything they have done and all the fantastic effort they have put in. Humanwise this is and will be probably be one of the best team that I have ever worked with." Mika Salo: "Before the first stop the car was very difficult to drive. After my stop it was getting easier and easier to handle as there was more rubber down and I had better grip. The engineers had seen that the battery was going down as I had an electrical problem. I would have possibly managed another two laps so they called me in to try and fix it, but this wasn't possible and I was forced to retire." Peter Collins: "It's been a tough season with a disappointing end, but there's no point in looking back. Now is the time to look forward."

-- Alan F. Perry Internet Lotus Cars Mailing List