Nov.15 (GMM) It is possible Germany will fall off the 2013 Formula One calendar altogether.

Start of the race, Fernando Alonso, Scuderia Ferrari
Start of the race, Fernando Alonso, Scuderia Ferrari

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This week, it has emerged that - at the circuit's own admission - the financially-crippled Nurburgring will almost certainly not host the German Grand Prix as scheduled mid next year.

Hockenheim has been named as a possible alternative, and it was believed that talks between circuit officials and Bernie Ecclestone had been underway for some time.

But the city's mayor Dieter Gummer told DPA news agency: "It is the case that we are in constant contact but it has never led to negotiations on a Formula One event in Hockenheim in 2013.

"Before a Grand Prix in Germany goes we would in any case be prepared to talk, but in every case the priority is Nurburgring," he added.

Gummer said organising a 2013 race at Hockenheim would be "certainly problematic", as preparations for a Grand Prix usually begin "at the completion of the previous event".