TOYO TIRES title sponsor 24H SERIES

Creventic is very pleased to announce that TOYO TIRES has linked its name to the 24H Series as well. After three very successful editions of the TOYO TIRES 24 hours of Dubai, which take place in January, TOYO TIRES has decided to make a commitment for the long term. TOYO TIRES will be title sponsor for the 24H Series 2008 and the fourth edition of the 24H Dubai in January 2009. The 24H Series is a race series for Touring- and GT cars with three 24 hour races and one 12 hour race. The races take place in Dubai, Germany, Hungary and Spain.

"For us it is great to experience that TOYO TIRES, which belongs to the TOP 10 of tire producers, supports this unique 24H project for 100%. TOYO TIRES absolutely believes in the future for this kind of endurance racing and uses the complete series to, besides increasing sale of race tires, increase awareness of the brand name and products" says Gerrie Willems on behalf of the promoter Creventic.

TOYO TIRES is a full line supplier of tires. From different production locations tires for cars, vans, SUVs, trucks and race cars are produced and exported.

You can find TOYO TIRES on Japanese car brands like Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Daihatsu and in Europe on all types of Donkervoort, Invicta and with famous tuners like Breyton, Kleemann and Sportec.

The TOYO TIRES 24H Series 2008 contains four races and started with the TOYO TIRES 24H Dubai in January. The next 24h race will be on the 16th and 17th of August in Lausitz, 27th of September there will be a 12H race at the Hungaroring and finally the 24H Valencia on the 11th and 12th of October. The 24H Series of 2009 will start with the fourth edition of the TOYO TIRES 24H Dubai on the 9th and 10th of January 2009.

In the 24H Series Touring & GT cars are allowed with a maximum of 4000cc and 6 cylinders. To increase the sportive character there are two special classes. One class for silhouette cars and another new class based on the "weight/power" ratio have been introduced. This guarantees a big and varied field with competitive cars and a huge amount of favourites to achieve victory at the end. The competitors consist of a healthy mix of professionals, semi professionals and enthusiastic amateurs. In other words, the market where TOYO TIRES is, is very active.

Although TOYO TIRES is the official title sponsor, teams are free to choose their own tire brand. Of course the organisation prefers and supports the usage of TOYO TIRES. Therefore there is a special TOYO TIRES TROPHY. Last January at the third edition of the TOYO TIRES 24H Dubai 2008 this honour went to the team Pachura from Poland. The second and third place went to two Dutch teams, respectively Red Camel Racing and Mad & Daring Racing.

-credit: toyotires