David Wall and his team are warming up to the challenge that the Malaysian Merdeka Millennium Endurance 12 hour race offers in Sepang this weekend.

With qualifying tomorrow, the team has continued working on ensuring the car and they are in perfect condition.

"The heat has been a bit of a shock to the system -- the heat and humidity of Malaysia is very different to the cold and grey we had at Sandown last weekend," David said.

"Adjusting to the heat is an added challenge, but we had another practice session on Wednesday night and today so we are slowly getting used to it.

"Other than ensuring that we are physically ready, we spent the Wednesday practice session to get used to our new Yokohama tyres.

"This will be the first race we have run with them and our initial impressions are positive.

"The car is feeling really good so far -- however there is still room for improvement and we used tonight's session to make further changes.

"We were still tuning and finalising the setup of the car and had a few minor issues in this session, completing only a few laps, but we still finished the session tenth fastest which is promising ahead of qualifying.

"Each driver has now had time in the car which is important before tomorrow's qualifying session which commences at 2.30pm (Malaysia time) and in which each driver has half an hour of track time."

*Malaysia is two hours behind Australian eastern standard time.

-credit: dw