Shane Lewis Celebrates 24 Hour of Nurburgring Victory

Lewis Marks his 28th 24 hour event with Class Win

Nurburg, Germany (May 19, 2010) Shane Lewis returns to the United States with another international victory added to his resume. Lewis was in Germany to compete in the prestigious 24 Hours of Nurburgring, driving for Gotz Motorsports with his former 6 hour race winning teammate Vic Rice and German Champion drivers Axel Duffner and Karl Planz in the all new No. 70 Audi RS-4 twin Turbo V-8. The race week was full of sweeping weather changes, mechanical issues and unpredictable race conditions. However, the team was able to overcome those obstacles and perform at the highest level to place 1st in class and 23rd overall out of a total of 220 cars starting on the grid!

Nurburgring is one of the most challenging road courses in the world and to merely finish the 24 hours of racing on this track known as the "Green Hell" is a major accomplishment in itself. Finishing 1st place in class and in the top 25 overall is an accomplishment many teams spend their entire lives trying to achieve. The team worked together and fought through the obstacles throughout the event, including an electrical fire in the car while on track, the unpredictable weather patterns that are well known in the region, the many on-track incidents, the lack of proper tire compounds for near-freezing temperatures, and the drivers' lack of sleep. Through excellent teamwork they conquered one of the most mentally and physically challenging events on the sports car world circuit. All the hard work paid off though, as they found themselves on top of the podium celebrating their victory.

"This is unbelievable," Lewis said. "I consider this one of the highest achievements in my career. We had a strong solid team working hard together throughout the week to get the car ready for this event. Without the support of the Gotz Motorsports crew, this victory would not be possible. We were all a significant part of this win. My teammates Vic, Axel, and Karl did an awesome job, and without them and the hard work of the crew throughout the event, we wouldn't be where we are today."

"Winning Nurburgring is a huge accomplishment for me, one I will never forget and will keep in my all time favorite experiences. Placing 1st place in our class and 23rd overall is extremely gratifying, knowing the mental and physical challenges it takes to run 24 hours on this course. I was under pressure to perform not only against some of the best drivers and teams from all over the world, but I had to also step up and match the driving skills of my "Ring Master" co-drivers. I stepped up my game, shouldered my part of the win, and I was able to put down some laps I am really proud of. At one point I reached over 280 kph over the bridge and into the dip. My ultimate goals were to be the perfect co-driver and team player, keep the car up front at all times, and gain the respect of the German Ring Masters of this amazing race track. I believe I did that and more."

Shane immediately returned to Florida, however only for a short time. He will be traveling to the west coast this week to compete in the American LeMans Series Monterey presented by Patron this weekend in Monterey, California.