FIA GT: Jan Charouz To Go With Aston Martin In Spa

Jan Charouz, member of the successful crew in 24 Hours Le Mans and in the Le Mans Series, will have a chance to start in another famous race. He will show up in the Belgian marathon - 24 Hours Spa Francorschamps held June 27- 28 - behind the wheel of BMS Scuderia Italia's Aston Martin DBR9. He will first taste the car during a test session in Spa Monday June 2.

His alternates will be Enrico Toccacelo and Ferdinand Monfardini of Italy, stable drivers in the FIA Grand Turismo championship. The 24-hour race in Belgium is considered the peak of this unofficial world championship. The 19-year-old Czech pilot has driven in Spa before: he formed a Zakspeed crew with Jarek Janis, Andrea Montermini and Sascha Bert last year. Their Saleen S7R finished in eighth.

Jan's manager and father Antonin gets along with the BMS Scuderia Italia team (which used to work in Formula 1, too) very well. The team founded and owned by Giuseppe Lucchini gave for example Tomas Enge a chance to race: the first time with Ferrari 550 Maranello in FIA GT in Brno 2002, last time it was last year in 24 Hours of Spa. Together with Peter Kox, Fabio Babini and Christian Pescatori he got as high as fourth.

Jan Charouz: "I'm looking forward. I grew fond of the Spa circuit during my debut last year. It's great to be there again and to top it off by driving the GT1 car. I've never driven the Aston Martin DBR9, I wonder what it is like. This weekend I will race with our Lola B07/17 Judd in Le Mans Series and as soon as Monday I'll be testing the Aston in Spa."

Antonin Charouz: "We have a very good relationship with the BMS Scuderia Italia team and Jan's contract's a proof. The team is professional and the race is renowned, which makes for yet another experience and challenge for him. He got to know the background and the track last year, his teammates are more experienced as well, which creates chances for success. But we all know how tough a 24-hour race is."

-credit: charouz