Pole position was claimed in qualifying by the CSG Lister, closely followed by the Viper and the Lotus. The second Lister Storm started from the back of the grid driven by Warnock and Pickford.

The two laps with the start pace car saw the Venturi driven by Paul Cope out with a turbo fire and the Stealth making an appearance and retiring to its garage before the start. The development Stealth had an oil problem during qualification and a frustrated Terry Pudwell made an executive decision to start the season at Silverstone on the 17th June with two cars on the grid.

11 cars started the race and Adam Wilcox stormed ahead followed by Geoff Lister and Chris Ellis. Geoff Lister was challenging for the lead but as he entered his 5th lap his engine appeared to fail and he had to retire on the grass verge at the end of the pit lane.

From the back of the grid Warnock in the black Lister was clinically dispatching the competition to challenge Neil Cunningham for 3rd position. Neil was not going to give in without a fight until Warnock eventually found a way through to hold second place. Following the 4th place Lotus was Ashley Ward, Matt Edwards, Roger Walters and Tom Belamey.

David Warnock was first into the pits for tyre and driver change with James Pickford and set about closing the gap on the runaway Viper. Dave Clark replaced Adam Wilcox in the Viper and resumed the lead for Brookspeed. For the first half of the race it looked like the Viper was set for a win but it was clear that Pickford would be putting up a fight knocking seconds off Viper's lap time. With 25 minutes left and the race starting to hot up Dave Clark spun the Viper taking out a couple of posts but managed to recover giving Pickford valuable seconds to continue his challenge of claiming the lead. As Pickford menacingly sat on the tail of Clark he spun off with only 15 minutes left of the race but got back on track to resume his challenge.

Behind the first and second cars the Lotus driven by Piers Johnson was closely followed by the two Porsches. With 8 minutes to go Piers spun off onto the verge by the entrance to the pit lane allowing the two Porsches to pass. The Lotus rejoined the field ahead of the Marcos and two Corvettes.

The fight was back on between the Viper and the Lister with the gap closing by a couple of seconds every lap. Clark was defending but as they made their way to the Melbourne hairpin Pickford nosed ahead. It looked as if Pickford was on to win but then as both cars turn into Goddards in the final lap the Viper clipped the Lister and both cars spun off. Pickford recovered first crossing the line ahead of the Viper.

Third place was won by Peter Cook for Porsche. The fastest lap time was made by Lister with 1.34.199 in the fourth lap.

The Lotus was disqualified after failing the minimum weight requirement by the Scrutineers.

Awards were presented to drivers by Kirsty Westbrook on the ISC Championship podium. The Team Owner award was given to Carl Roebuck, of CSG Motorsport by Debbie Nicol.

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