Biagi dominates the 6 Hours of Vallelunga

He also praises Valentino Rossi!

Vallelunga, 22 November 09 - Thomas Biagi, in his first appearance in the event, has triumphed in the demanding Six Hours of Vallelunga. Today was the nineteenth time the race has been run.

Afterwards, a beaming Thomas Biagi reflected on his win: "I would like to thank Francioni for getting off to a fine start in the wet and also Edoardo Piscopo for not making a single mistake on his debut in this car. I had the cushion of a big lead and it is sometimes easy to lose focus in such cases. I was careful with the car's mechanics, the tyres and tried to listen out for the slightest odd noise to prevent any mishaps. I wanted to win at all costs. I made the most of the seven lap lead to track Valentino Rossi for a lap before overtaking him. I wanted to see how he got on on four wheels and was surprised how good he was; he really is a class apart. I would also like to thank him for drawing more attention to the splendid world of Italian motor-racing. My compliments also go to second-placed Geri - a great driver and team owner - and to the squad for the fine work in the pits. Pirelli, once again, supplied us with a fantastic set of tyres".

So, the season that began with a debut win in the 1000km at Barcelona, ends on a high for Thomas Biagi and Racing Box.