2003 Miles of Spa announced

The 2003 Miles of Spa: a great motorsports festival Belgium, lacking in an endurance race specifically designed for Touring cars, will once again bring this tradition to the fore at the end of September 2003. With the backing of the RACB and...

The 2003 Miles of Spa: a great motorsports festival

Belgium, lacking in an endurance race specifically designed for Touring cars, will once again bring this tradition to the fore at the end of September 2003.

With the backing of the RACB and the ASAF, the PRC team, reputed for their organisation of the 25 Hours VW Fun Cup, will be organising this manifestation which is intended over and above all to be "a great motorsports festival ".

In fact a large number of amateurs and semi-professionals have Touring cars to hand, and this will no doubt be the ideal occasion to see them or see them once again in action on this great track.

"There will also be some top drivers and teams ", Christian Lahaye, the PRC "communicator" confided. I also believe that our leading endurance representatives, such as a Marc Duez or Vincent Vosse, could also well be present for the event. And then there will also be the leading lights of the BTCS Touring classes, such as Tim Verbergt, Jean-Francois Hemroulle, etc. Our aim is to bring together a most impressive grid comprised of amateurs and pros alike, who will all feel quite at home. On the technical front we intend keeping an open mind, but obviously as long as all the safety norms, as laid down by the FIA, are strictly adhered to. Small reminder: we will only be accepting Touring cars, but having said that, we mean ALL Touring cars. "

Why a 2003 Miles event?

"Quite simply because we are in... 2003. Next year it will be the 2004 Miles and so on. At an average speed of 150 km/h, 2003 Miles roughly represents 22 hours of racing. We wished to be different, hence the rather strange denomination. Having said that, the race will last a maximum of 24 hours. Assuming that we have 5 hours of pace-cars, we are not going to start a second night of racing...

What about the technical regulations?

Thanks to the complementarity of the RACB-ASAF, there is no lack of choice for a team or driver...In fact, the rules are the same as for those of the Touring cars competing in the BTCS.

If a car is registered in one of the RACB divisions, these are the possibilities:
- French Silhouette, Silhouette Light
- Belgian Supertouring (in fact, it is the FIA 2002 Supertouring)
- Super 2000
- Superproduction petrol and diesel
- Groupe N at homologation weight

If a vehicle is registered in an ASAF category, it is the engine capacity which determines the weight of the car (without driver): 0-1000 (620 kilos), 1300 cc (700 kilos), 1600 cc (800 kilos), 1800 cc (840 kilos), 2000 cc (880 kilos), 2500 cc (980 kilos), 3000 cc (1035 kilos), 3500 (1100 kilos), + de 3500 (1150 kilos).

In other words, anything is possible...

What about licences?

"For the Belgians, either an RACB licence, or a Duo licence. For all European foreigners, a European licence will suffice. For the non-European licence holders, we will require an International licence together with a visa from their NSA.


"Quite simply, at the petrol pump. There will be petrol pumps positioned at the entrance to the F1 pits and the drivers will, they themselves, fill up their cars, similar as with the VW Fun Cup. This will also keep them awake... ...We will also impose a maximum fuel capacity tank. "

How many drivers per car?

"Between 3 and 5".

For the official car importers are you offering any special deals for this first year?

"Well in fact, if a make wishes to carry out a special public relations operation it will not have to pay a single penny (euro) for the square meters in the paddock. But this is an exception, only valid for 2003. "

Registration costs?

"3.000 Euro + VAT, excluding the guarantee for the fuel and the rental of the stands. "

Can the teams and drivers eat and drink on the spot?

"No worries. We have an excellent catering service, which works perfectly during our VW Fun Cup and BTCS events. Meals may be ordered from the Friday morning right through to the Sunday midday. Everything takes place at the Eau Rouge in a great festive atmosphere. Racing might be one thing, but we attach great importance to creating a great atmosphere. "

Will the spectators also be pampered?

"With a 15 Euro entrance fee, paddocks included, you cannot do better. Additionally, prior to the 2003 Miles, there are some other great races as a warm up to the main event. ..."

How many cars are foreseen?

"It should be a full house. In fact I would advise all those interested to come forward as soon as possible. "


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