Bovi Motorsport 1 on Pole at 12h Hungary 2009

For many teams the end of the motorsport season is already near. Consequently it was time for Creventic to announce the start of the 2nd 12H Hungary. Today the event started with the free practice and the qualifying. The winners of the last edition, Schubert Motorsport seemed to have a successful start of the weekend. The team of Viebahn, Sorlie and Outzen has been the fastest during the free practice, followed by the Lechner Racing Team. Jetalliance finished the practice session on the third position.

While enjoying the great weather the thirty teams have made the last preparations on the race cars. Unfortunately, Thomas Beton from AST Racing, had problems with the car during the free practice already since the engine of the Subaru started to inflame suddenly. However, the team is going to try to repair the car in order to participate in the race tomorrow. If they manage to be successful, they actually will have to start from the pit lane or from the last position of the field. But that is unsure up till now.

Since the qualifying began in the early evening, and it started to get dark already, the conditions on the race track were perfect to realize quick lap times. This resulted in the fact that the first five teams performed the best lap times within the first 14 laps. The top three teams are #1 startnr. 75 Bovi Motorsport 1 with a Brokernet Silversting (Istvan Racz, 1:50:416), #2 startnr. 1 Schubert Motorsport 1 with their BMW Z4 M-Coupe (Stian Sorlie, 1:51:692), #3 startnr. 2 Jetalliance Racing with a Porsche 997 GT3 Cup (Marco Seefried, 1:52:551).

During the night practice everything went smoothly - also the test of the medical team who asked a driver of Strategic Racing 1 to pretend having had an injury. The test has been successful and consequently the prospects for tomorrow are very good.

The programme for tomorrow is the following: From 8 to 8.30am will be the warm-up. After the track parade the start grid will be at 9am followed by the race, which will start at 10am and will end after exactly 12 hours at 10pm. With 29 teams on the start grid, the 2nd 12H Hungary seems to become an exciting race event.