During the first 12 hours race at the Hungaroring on the 27th of September the fantastic sports car, the Audi CR-8 with the famous Dutch driver Jaap van Lagen, has set its fastest lap time. After the qualification it finished on the 4th place with a lap time of 1:53,498. This was just 0,2 seconds behind the Jetalliance Porsche 996 RSR. The difference between the final winner, the Schubert BMW Z4, and the Audi was actually less than 2 seconds. This Audi CR-8 is the competition race version of Audi's R8 sports coupe, developed and prepared following an initiative by Creventic BV, the organisers of the TOYO TIRES 24H of Dubai and the 24H SERIES.

In the last quarter of the year 2007 Creventic has set up a special department for the development and preparation of the two Audi CR-8's, as the racing competition version is being called. Modifications to the first car before the 24H Dubai in January 2008 has been kept limited in order to acquire the necessary experience first. Nevertheless, slight alterations of the engine management system already made it possible to increase the power output to approximately 430 hp.

A complete revised Audi CR-8 arrived at the 12H Hungary on the 27th of September 2008. Creventic's team of specialists made various modifications to build a race car which is able to compete with a Porsche GT3 Cup version, for instance a central race radiator, an additional fuel tank for endurance race events, central wheel mounts and a sequential gearbox. Another big transformation was the change to lightweight carbon fibre bodywork parts, which gives the car more body and looks. All these variations have lowered the vehicle weight and enhanced the performance of the car. Gerrie Willems: "At the Hungaroring the car has proved that it can be as fast as a Porsche RSR. After the qualification it finished on the 4th place with a lap time of 1:53,498, just behind a BMW Z4 and the two Porsches 996 RSR. Unfortunately during the warming up the car got a broken fly wheel. Consequently, we had to replace the gearbox. At 7 pm the car was back on the track and presented impressive lap times again among the fastest drivers in the night." The famous driver Jaap van Lagen, known from the Porsche Supercup and the WTCC was also impressed with the performance of the car. "The Audi CR-8 has great potential and is already comparable with a Porsche" says Jaap.

To finalize the Audi CR-8 it will undergo various tests in the following months and the car will also be taken to the fourth edition of the TOYO TIRES 24H of Dubai. "For interested drivers and teams it is possible to rent the race version of the Audi R8 and see his performance from a closer view", says Willems. For more information about the car and the driving possibilities, please go to the special website.

-credit: cr-8.com