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F1 is becoming a joke! It should be great drivers driving the car beyond it's limit. Squeezing every last 100th. It should be like Keke Rosberg in his tiny under powered Williams FW08c throwing it into to every corner in an attempt just to stay with the more powerful turbos. This is what we want to see. Not F1 passengers instead of drivers driving to the limitations of the tyres. I thought it was motor racing.......not motor tyre wear.......Come on Bernie. Give F1 back to the drivers and the fans. I was looking forward to 4 cyclinder turbo next year. Smaller engines might have enabled the drivers more input but they even had to change that to V6s. Let the designers have some creativity. All the cars look the same and I'm fed up with these stupid front wings falling to pieces every lap. F1 is a joke!!!!

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Top Racer! Top Bloke!

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