Team Nasamax has taken the decision not to compete in the Nurburgring LMES race on 3 July with the Nasamax DM139 Judd V10, preferring instead to test more developments and set up on the car in time for the Silverstone LMES round on 14 August and Spa, Belgium on 12 September.

'We have some technical issues that we are not happy with from Le Mans," said John McNeil. "Plus we need more time to develop this new LMP1 car for the higher downforce circuits. So far we concentrated on the setup for Monza and Le Mans, and we have not been able to test between Le Mans and Nurburgring.

"We want to concentrate on the development work before going to high downforce circuits with a new spec car. After all, it's the only LMP1 built to the new 2004 regulations and we feel there is a lot more to come from the car, we have not maximised it yet and we can't do this at race weekends. We are really disappointed not to go to the race but we are committed to improve at every event and this decision is in line with that commitment.

"It's been immensely rewarding to see the positive public reaction to our programme, both from the crowds and the emails we receive."

The team is drawing up a programme of testing for July and August.

The Nasamax DM139, although plagued by a misfire, the cause of which is still not fully understood, climbed back to finish 17th at Le Mans with a total of 316 laps completed. The team lost 41 laps trying to cure the misfire during the course of the event and, without that time loss, could have finished in the top six.