Warmup Set Back For Team Nasamax

On lap two of the 40 minute warm up for today's 1000km race, Werner Lupberger went off the circuit near marshals' post 17, the Pif Paf. Drivers had already reported the changeable grip on the circuit today due to the damp conditions.

'I was doing about 160kph in the Esses there, and the brake pedal was a bit soft. I turned into the corner, and the back end snapped away from me. The car kept going and going over the gravel, so I still hit the tyre wall very hard.'

The team had to wait until after the warm up session for the car to be returned to the pits. John McNeil assessed the damage:

'The damage is all at the front end: the right front suspension, steering rack, nose box and underbody. We've got 3 hours to get it fixed. Our time was still good enough to be ninth in the session.'

The race starts at 13.00 CET today and runs for approximately 5 hours.