G-Force immediately found the right pace during free qualifying. Frank Hahn, team owner of the young Belgian squad, explains the team's strategy during the free practice sessions: "Jean François Leroch and Loïc Deman each take the wheel during the opening 40 minutes of respectively the first and second session. This should be enough for them to get 'one' with the car. During the closing stages of both sessions, Val Hillebrand has the task to optimize the set-up. During the last session on Saturday, each driver has another 20 minutes."

"Our main concern is the behaviour of the Courage as the Judd engine requires another approach than the AER. G-Force proved to be competitive contender in LM P2 with a 4th and 5th spot in the Friday sessions. Val Hillebrand takes us aboard of the Courage during the qualifying session: " As you exit the pit lane, you immediately feel the water on the track, it's really gigantic. We've put the car somewhat higher to avoid aquaplaning."

"The session itself was really good. I just got stuck behind another competitor and this made me lose some laps. In a 20-minute session, this is a handicap. But I'm happy, a 4th place in LM P2 and 13th overall is great result for us. It's a stimulant for the team and, certainly as it rains, we'll have a good race."

The warm-up confirmed the story of the team since Friday. "The car is just perfect, what else can I say," explains Leroch. Without forcing, I set a 3rd time in LM P2 and a 13th time overall. Let's touch wood."

"My start was perfect, after a few laps I found a very good rhythm and without taking risks, I stayed within the LM P2 top-3 and close to the top- 10 overall," tells Loïc Deman after his first hour stint. Unluckily, we hit ECU problems but a good intervention from the team and Judd put us back on the track without losing too much time."

The next driver to get in the Courage was Val Hillebrand. After a safe start, he did a wonderful stint, driving the Courage back in the top-3 in LM P2. "This was hell of a stint. After the track dried - I started on slicks as it was still slippery - I got round as quickly as possible in these conditions. Lapping in 2.17, I was even quicker than most of the LM P1 cars. I hope to finish on the podium in LM P2."

Jean François Leroch knew less luck. After hiding debris on the track, he returned to his box with a flat tyre. As he wanted to leave the pit lane, the starter engine failed on several occasions dropping the team further down. The team again got the car back on the track and with still a honourable finish insight, Jean François rejoined. He explains what happened afterwards: "After rejoining, the car felt different. I don't know what happened and I spun on top of Eau Rouge. Over and out."

After the race, the team discovered a broken differential as a result of the flat tyre.

Frank Hahn ends the G-Force story: "I'm disappointed with the result but all the rest was positive. The practice sessions, the qualifying, the drivers, everything was really great. We also like to thank our sponsors who made this all happen. We showed what we're capable of and we're now looking forward to Le Mans. But above all, I would like to thank my mechanics, and especially Jeroen Liebens!"