The 3rd round of the LMES series will be held this weekend at Silverstone. The race on 1000 kilometres will happen on Saturday and with a race start at 16.00 and a finish around 22.00, darkness could add some ambiance. G- Force again figures on the entry-list with the Courage C65 Judd.

"The rebuilding of our Courage forced us to withdraw from the Monza 1000K, " explains Frank Hahn. "We used a chassis from Courage in Le Mans but we now return with our own car. We also, in collaboration with Courage, continued the development of the car. This work should guarantee a good result in Silverstone." "As in Spa, Jean-Francois Leroch will drive the Courage C65 and Tim greaves will partner him. Tim drove in our Pilbeam last year and uses this experience for the further development of his Radical LMP2. Myself, I will also race this weekend." <pre> Friday, 12.08.2005 09:00-10:00 LMES Free practice 60' 11:45-12:45 LMES Free practice 60' 16:15-17:15 LMES Free practice 60' 21.00-22.00 LMES Night practice

Saturday, 13.08.2005 09:45-10:25 LMES Qualifying 40' 16:00 LMES 1000km