Darren Turner and his JMW Motorsport team-mate, Rob Bell, rounded off a good season in the Le Mans Series with a podium finish at Silverstone yesterday. The British duo came away with their best result of the season, despite a late race penalty that pushed them down to third place.

It was Rob's turn to start the race and he did so from pole position after a great lap in Saturday's qualifying session, which secured their best starting position of the year.

He handed the No.92 Aston Martin Vantage over to Darren just before the one-hour mark, who set off in the lead, chased by a pack of Ferraris and Porsches. The pattern continued throughout the 1000km race and from the outside it looked like they were about to pull off a textbook win but an extra stop still needed to be squeezed in.

"We can't run as many laps in a stint as our competitors," explained Darren. "So we knew we would have to come in for a 'splash and dash' in the final stint. We accounted for this and were racing hard to make sure we built up enough of a buffer to preserve second place."

What they didn't account for was an additional pit stop in the form of a stop-go penalty, served on Rob in the final hour for 'not respecting the track limits'.

"We got a penalty that wasn't justified," said Darren. "We didn't do anything different to all the other cars but we were penalised for it."

Despite the penalty, Rob took the chequered flag after 1000kms in third place, taking JMW Motorsport's best result of 2010.

"We're very pleased with the result, even with the stop-go," said Darren after the race. "It should have been second place but it is always good to finish on the podium. The GT2 class has been incredibly competitive this year so this result just goes to show what JMW, Aston Martin and Dunlop are capable of."

-source: darren turner